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Gondola Wheel
Catch a birds eye view from atop this 65' tall giant Gondola Wheel. Each of the 16 spacious tubs easily seat a family of four.
The Orbiter is a high speed thrill ride, not for the faint of heart.  The center of the ride rotates 24 revolutions per minute (RPM) while the spindles in which the seats are attached spins at 26RPM.
Polar Express
NEW FOR 2017!  The name Polar Express comes from the cooling blast of air that is felt while the ride spins. During the hot and humid days of summer in Europe the refreshing breeze and the action of the ride brings to mind the cool mountain slopes of the Himalayas.
Rock Star
NEW FOR 2018 - The Rock Star is a 55' tall magic carpet ride.  Themed as a giant guitar, the Rock Star whisks riders 50 feet in the air while never turning them upside down.  As the gondola rotates downward, riders feel a free-fall sensation.
Starship Gravitron
This popular, family favorite ride will have customers screaming for more! While your enjoying this high-speed "THRILLER" can enjoy your favorite music while this one sweeps you off your feet! "literally!"
The Vertigo is the latest spectacular ride to join the Blue Sky Amusements midway. The Vertigo is a giant swing tower that spins riders over 100' above the ground while seated in swing style seats.
The Zipper can be seen at carnivals all over the country. It takes riders 56 feet in the air and flips them around and around while the boom rotates 360°. The Zipper is a high-capacity, easy loading thrill ride for the bravest of patrons and thrill seekers.
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