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Come back to the days of yesteryear when life was simple and the lazy days of summer seem to have gone on forever. Ride on this beautiful, two-abreast Carousel, which has 18 horses, 1 rabbit, 1 deer, and 1 chariot. Hop on and enjoy the ride and the atmosphere.
Monkey Maze
Deep in the Jungles of Blue Sky Amusements, try to find your way through our Monkey Maze, to the top floor and slide down our Spiral Slide, Don''t forget to stop along the way and check yourself out in the 7 mirrors, including one waving mirror and one sound effect mirror!
The Paratrooper is a classic attraction built by Hrubetz Rides that gives riders the sensation of parachuting through the air.  Riders sit in floorless cars that sway out as the ride picks up speed.  In 2018, we completed a complete refurbishment on this classic attraction and added it to the Blue Sky midway!
Round Up
Defy gravity on the Round Up!
Here is another all time favorite among people of all ages. The Bumper Cars...also known as "Scooter"...Get In, Find a Car of your liking and put your seat belt on...get ready to go head to head in a free for auto insurance agents worst nightmare!
Most of you remember the classic Scrambler from your childhood. The Sizzler has the same basic motion as the Scrambler, except the Sizzler has more lights and new speeds for your enjoyment!
Super Slide
The Super Slide is always a family favorite. The Super Slide has 3 lanes capable of 3 riders at a time, but please follow the safety rules of this ride carefully!
This American classic will have you daydreaming about the lazy days of summer, when mom served the chilled lemonade, this ride is as American as apple pie! patrons of every age can’t seem to get enough of it for the past 75 years.
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